Hurry up: pre-registrations close on March, 8th.

The list of confirmed pilots will be published on March, 10th 2019.

Participants and selection

The maximum number of participants admitted to the contest is 150 pilots:

  • 130 places will be assigned to pilots selected according to the FAI ranking WPRO on 8th March, 2019;
  • 10 places are reserved to Women;
  • 10 wild cards, assigned by the organization.

In compliance with National Sporting Regulation 2016 (app. B.3), 40% of the available places will be guaranteed to Italian pilots. Selection will be made following the Italian Overall Ranking on 31st Dicember, 2018.

In case of equal rankings, priority follows the pre-registration ranking.

Entry fee and payment

The entry fee is € 220.00 and it includes:

  • Transport to take off for all race days
  • Retrieval for all race days
  • Emergency service, ambulance and doctor for all race days
  • Live tracking
  • Packed-lunch for all days of competition
  • 1 Dinner offered by the organization
  • Gadgets
  • Flycard valid for 14 days
  • Awards and Prizes for the winner
  • Entrance to a prize draw for all participants

The entry fee must be paid within 7 days from the confirmation (email), by wire transfer or Pay-pal. Please send your confirmation of payment (copy of transfer)  to

An additional fee of €40,00 will be charged in case of delayed payment.

Final Registration

The registration fulfillments will happenon on April, 17th from 18.00 to 22.00. Please remember that all pilots are required to show a series of (velid) documents in order to complete the registration:

  • Flight Licence
  • FAI Licence
  • Entry Fee payment receipt
  • Insurance  (in compliance with FAI rules)