Marostica - VI

Private Takeoff area for paragliders. Orientation est – soth/west – west. Wide grassy area, suitable for top landing.

Location Brombe
Height m. 796
Wind direction  east – south/west
Top landing  yes
Gps Coordinates Nord 45°47’35.5″ Est 11°39’44.4″E
Refreshment facilities  no
WC facilities no


Borso del Grappa - TV

Wide grassy take-off that can be used by experienced paraglider and hang-glider pilots.
On the road Cadorna SP 148 follow directions for Cima Grappa until you reach Campo Solagna. 300 mt after the restaurant turn right following directions for Col Campeggia. After the second switchback, reaching a small crossroads, you will be at Col Campeggia.
This take-off area is suitable for south-southeast and light southwest winds.
We advise pilots to be careful of the wind intensity: the take-off is located inside a narrow valley.
possibility of south-west leeward in the afternoon.

Location Col Campeggia
Height m. 1080
Wind direction south/south east
Top landing yes
Car Parking yes
Gps coordinates  45.83708, 11.74869
Refreshment facilities no
WC facilities no


Landing: Operative Center Montegrappa Trophy

Semonzo del Grappa - TV

Wide grass landing area near the Operative Center of the Montegrappa Trophy

Location Romano d’Ezzelino
Gps coordinates  45.78342, 11.76820


Semonzo del Grappa - TV

The landing area Paradiso is located in Semonzo, Via Casale Nuovo, at the cross road with Via Giovanni da Semonzo.
It is reserved exclusively for the landing of paragliders.
Please pay particular attention to the telephone and power lines located south of the field, as well as the trees and vineyards that surround it.
The landing areas are marked on the picture by the letters A and B.
Please stay out of the private fields and, in case of an off-field landing, move away as quickly as possible without causing damages.
The landing area has a wide parking lot, toilets, bars and restaurants just a few meters away, that can easily be reached walking.

Location Semonzo del Grappa
Height 190 m
Car parking yes
Gps coordinates 45.80818, 11.7699
Refreshment facilities 100 m
WC facilities yes


Semonzo del Grappa - TV

Wide landing area located in Semonzetto near the Hotel Garden Relais (Via Caose 22, Borso del Grappa, Treviso).
The landing can be used by paraglider and hang-glider pilots. It gives the opportunity to land approaching from all four directions: north, south, east and west.
Please pay particular attention while landing with strong west wind because the landing area is located downwind of some small hills and the hotel building.
Pay attention as well to the trees and vineyards surrounding the area, and to the parking lot on the north side of the field. The landing areas are marked on the picture by the letters A, B and C.
In case of an off-field landing, please move to the designated folding areas as soon as possible.

Location Semonzo
Height 130 m
Car parking si
Gps coordinates  45.80653, 11.78532
Refreshment facilities yes
WC facilities yes