Important Notice: Covid-19 update

Dear pilots and friends,

the Montegrappa Trophy Committee is closely monitoring any event related to Coronavirus and the possible implications for the Montegrappa Trophy.

Currently, the Italian government has established some restrictions from March 8 to April 3. However, our region – Veneto region – has asked to review the government decree and the restrictions imposed on our area as well, since it believes that the health situation is well controlled and that the measures adopted by the Italian government are excessive.

That said, outdoor events and competitions are still allowed, if held without public.

On the basis of these premises, as you can imagine we are facing very difficult decisions, in an atmosphere of great uncertainty. At the moment we have decided to keep the event schedule as planned, aware that in the coming weeks our decision could change, depending on the evolution of global or local circumstances.

We understand that federations or local governments may advise to not travel. We therefore ask you to monitor any travel restrictions that may be imposed on you in the coming weeks and to keep us updated.

If the event is canceled, the organization undertakes to refund the registration fees to all pilots, retaining a little part of it to cover the expenses already incurred.

The situation is constantly evolving, so we reserve to take a final decision in the next two / three weeks.

Thank you for your understanding and patience.

The Montegrappa Trophy Committee