And the winners are….

After a third task that has already made history with its 156 km, with the fourth and final task of 92,5 km Montegrappa Trophy finally found its 2019 champion.

Amongst 150 paragliding pilots, coming from 22 nations, that participated in the competition – the winner is Honorin Hamard (France) followed by Ferdinand Vogel (Germany) and Jurij Vidic (Slovenija).
The first Italian pilot in the ranking is Joachim Oberhauser, positioned at the 10th place.

The women’s podium is dominated by Meryl Delferriere (France), followed by swiss athletes: Margelisch Yael (2nd position) and Nanda Walliser (3rd position). The best Italian pilot is Silvia Buzzi Ferraris who closes the competition in the 6th place.

As for the Sport ranking:

  • 1 – Youri Pitteloud (Switzerland);
  • 2 – Gianfranco Crestani (Italy);
  • 3 – Mirco Cristoforetti (Italy)

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