Wildcard criteria

Given that the organization of the Montegrappa Trophy is not required to follow any specific criteria in the assignment of wildcards, we would like to share with you all some principles we are following for their assignment. We want to be as much clear and transparent as possible in answering some complaints we received from some Italian pilots.

In compliance with the Italian Sporting Regulations 2020 (app. B.3), in the first selection phase 40% of the available places have been guaranteed to Italian pilots, which have been selected accordingly to the Italian general ranking as of 31/10/2021 (60 drivers out of 150).

For this reason we have decided, as a general guideline, to assign our wildcards mainly to foreign pilots, considering their reasons and requests.
The only Italian pilots who have received a wildcard are pilots who are part of the organizing association ASD Volo Libero Montegrappa.

We would like also to specify that the Team Leader of the Italian national team, decided not to use the wildcards that were offered to him, stating that there were no pilots to promote that weren’t already ranked.

We are well aware that there are capable pilots, both Italian and not, who are excluded from the competition, and we are sorry for that, but as per regulations, the available places cannot exceed 150.

We hope that this release is useful to clarify the logic with which we took our decisions.

Can’t wait to see you at the Trophy! Good flights!